What is Rebind:

Rebind is a 2D puzzle platformer where players attach or detach limbs to maneuver through levels. Use the attach or detach mechanic to solve challenging and intriguing puzzles.

Demo of First Playable:

Meet the Team:


Back Side from Left to Right: Alexander Girard, Rihui Tan (Jason), Josue Ordonez, Juan Morales.
Front Side from Left to Right: Khoa Luong, Mindy Nguyen, Danica Pok, Edgar Lopez

Lead Designger : Josue Ordonez

Level Designer : Edgar Lopez

Art Director : Khoa Luong

Programmer : Alexander Girard

Programmer : Rihui Tan(Jason):




Programmer : Danica Pok

I am a senior Computer Science: Game Design student who has been very interested in video games. I hope to break into the technical world and use my knowledge to create software. Aside from school, I normally play video games, crochet, volunteer, mentor and tutor. I like to look at cute animal videos and pictures, and I like to talk to other people about random stuff.





Artist/Animator : Min T.

Min worked on player animations, some concept art and level assets for the game. They are currently a 1st-year transfer student studying Fine Arts at UC Santa Cruz and loves games so much that they constantly buy games and starts them but never finishes. Their favorites duke it out often, but some notable titles are Sly Cooper, Yo-kai Watch, and the Persona series. Rebind is ok too.


UI Designer: Juan Morales-Rocha
Freelancer @ JMR Design

I am a senior double majoring in Cognitive Science: Artificial Intelligence/Human-Computer Interaction & Art and Design: Games & Playable Media (its a mouthful, right!?) and I really love video games! My favorite game is Pokémon Yellow, and I’d like to hope that in the future I will be working as a UI/UX designer.





joshua.pngSound designer/composer : Joshua Ray